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Astra Jets has built a solid reputation for its portfolio of personalised aviation services and attentive customer care. From the moment you contact us to the end of your journey, we’re alongside you all the way.

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We pride ourselves to give you the best experience before, during and after your flight at Astra Jets there is no such thing as Urgent Matter, Our Advisor are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all year long, Throughout our Worldwide Jet Chater advisor,We are remaining available wherever you are around the globe and are always looking for the best ever option available considering our clients as an asset and not a simple transaction, put it simple, if it doesnt make sense to us we wouldnt not offer it to you You are One-phone call (email) away from the Astra Jets Team Feel free to contact us @ anytime:)


Astra Jets is a full-service Private Jet Brokerage Firm that sources for our clients the very best business jets in the world. We pride ourselves in our knowledge and experience in the private jet market and pass the luxury on to you. Unlike other private jet brokerage firms, we care about your ultimate travel needs and handle them with promptness and efficiency, as we must earn your loyalty for every flight.

What sets Astra Jets Jet apart from every other charter broker is our true experience in the aviation industry. Our founder has been involved with aviation at a very young age and has experience in all facets of the charter industry. We know aircraft performance and limitations along with runway data to ensure that the aircraft we book you on will exceed all criteria to fly you to your favorite mountain ski resort, or into that remote strip in the Bahamas. We aren’t your ordinary sales broker with no experience in the field, we are seasoned true veterans in the private jet charter industry and we want you to be sure and confident that your flight will fly you as safely as possible to your destination so you can enjoy your charter flight as the professionals cater to your every need.

We Pride Ourselves In Our Charter Services

Our boutique private jet brokerage firm was founded with you in mind and is composed of highly experienced professionals who not only know aircraft and flight operations, but who are also committed to making sure every detail of a flight is taken care of from initial contact all the way to touchdown at your destination. Every aspect of your flight itinerary can be booked through Astra Jets.

Logistics Are Essential To Your Private Flights

We fill the void when it comes to private jet charter and get the most competitive prices. Since we are a representative of our clients, we are able to get pinpoint pricing that is unbeatable. There are hundreds of private aircraft flying empty either repositioning or flying to or from its home base with an empty cabin. Through our network of Private Jets Operators, we are able to use all available resources to source these aircraft and take advantage of one-way pricing.


You can expect to receive a current price offer for available aircraft for flights around Europe within a few hours or even minutes. Offers for flights to more remote areas of the globe or for aircraft with higher capacities may take longer.
Under ideal circumstances – when the jet and crew are available and all necessary permits for flight are granted – it is possible to depart as soon as two hours from the time of confirming the flight. It always depends on the availability of the aircraft/crew, the given route, its complexity, and the client’s needs.
After you have selected a jet, you will be presented with a flight contract. Upon receiving the signed contract from the client, the aircraft reservation is binding. We will gladly arrange catering to suit your taste and any other related services as requested. Based on the issued invoice, payment for the flight must always be settled before departure of the aircraft.
Payment for a flight is possible via bank transfer to the EUR currency account of Astra Jets In urgent cases, we also accept credit cards, however, these payments are subject to bank charges. At Astra Jets we accept all types of credit cards.
We recommend that passengers arrive at the airport at least 15 minutes before scheduled departure.
Most airports manage a terminal for clearing private flights, i.e. GAT (General Aviation Terminal). During the course of every departure, you will meet the aircraft’s captain and ground handling agent, both of whom will accompany you to the aircraft. After arriving, the ground handling agent will be waiting to take you to the terminal. If you are interested, we would be happy to arrange an airport transfer service for you at any airport.
Most private aircraft allow clients to travel with their pet in the cabin. However, a travelling pet must have the necessary documentation for transport. Each country has different conditions and regulations for travelling with a pet.
An “empty leg” is a section of an aircraft’s trip without previously scheduled passengers on board. In most cases, this occurs when the aircraft returns to its home airport (base) after a flight, or it relocates to another destination in order to be available for the next client. These flights can be the subject of an operative offer to other passengers at a lower cost. They do not, however, offer the same flexibility as flights booked in advance, which cater to your every need