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Are Empty Legs Really A Good Deal?

By various estimates, 30% to 50% of the private jet charter fleet flies empty. Why? Unlike airlines which schedule aircraft and then sell seats knowing at all times where planes are supposed to be and how many people are booked to be flying, in private aviation, the jets are waiting to go and pick up passengers who have booked the private jets for initial itinerary Empty legs are the result of having to fly a plane to pick up a customer who has chartered the jet, in some cases the owner of the jet. Conversely empty legs are created after dropping off an owner or full paying customer and needing to fly the plane back to home base. Sometimes they also pop up after dropping off a customer and then flying to another airport to pick up the next customer, sort of how an Uber driver accepts a new customer as he is dropping up his or her current passenger. Empty legs can come on to the market from months to hours before departure time, but typically a few days in advance.

Why is flying by buying empty legs require to be flexible?

We will monitor your request and will send you accurate empty legs.If your travel requirement is already set (destinatation, date & time) we can still organise empty legs, Nevertherless and in most case, If you just want to get from point A to point B next week and you don’t care about time or day, this is a viable option to save money and flight private. Just fill up the form below and we will do our very best to match your request !

Are Empty Legs flights safe?

Empty Legs flights are offered by world renowned operator, where the priority was, is, and will always be safery, Our Pool of Daily Empty Legs flight are all Ar/Gus highly rated aircraft and operators offering the same level of safety & security as a Regular Charter.

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